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End of year euphoria: Laneway Lounge, Bivouac (again), Beaufort St festival, Barrett’s Bread & Juicy Beetroot Cafe

Yee hah! Exams are done and dusted for another year. I listened to way too many Disney soundtracks (Let’s get down to business, to defeat – exams?), and took a rather miserable hiatus from the kitchen. But after my final exam, I celebrated by spending most of the weekend eating…

The Laneway Lounge does crackingly good chips. Not as crisp as I was expecting, but I forgot all about that after I tasted the actual chips. I have renewed respect for white potatoes. Oh, and the aioli that accompanies those chips. Oh. So. Good.

I finally returned to Bivouac for that dessert I’d had to forgoe some months ago, and tucked into a slice of pistachio parfait with great gusto. The accompanying persian figs, honey, rose petals and popping candy were delightful. Food fashion aside – that plate was the stuff of little girl’s fantasies (alright, so I probably wasn’t what you would call a normal kid). The group behind myself and my sister were enjoying a leisurely dinner of salads and some enticing looking spiced lamb dishes. Man. I’m going to have to come back again with more friends.
Pistachio parfait and saffron persian figs, with honey, rose petals and popping candy

Oh, and then there was the Beaufort Street festival! ‘Twas manic, but I loved it. Highlights included biting into an icy treat courtesy of my favourite ice cream queens at La Paleta (Salted caramel), nibbling on a Portugese custard tart whilst weaving through the crowd, and watching some local circus acts after sunset. Oh, and how could I forget? Standing on the sidewalk, making contented noises in my friends’ direction in between large mouthfuls of mushroom and capsicum paella with truffle oil.
Mushroom n capsicum paella with parmesan, parsley and truffle oil

A dizzying (for someone who’d had their posterior glued to a study chair for the last month…) week of swimming, op shopping, good byes, errands and packing followed. The consumption of one ripper of a fruit mince pie occurred somewhere in the midst of all that. Sigh. Between that, and their bran muffins (oh, and the Bavarian rye, the onion and olive loaf, the fruit bread, the soup bowl like large flat whites, and the salmon/brie/pesto/salad rolls), Barrett’s Bread occupies a special place in my heart. Yep. Sorry men. You have to compete with a bakery.
Fruitmince pie

Freo is the absolute bomb for op shopping by the way. Several op shops are all within cooee of each other (I suggest you start in and around High Street), and very close to a number of cafes. Juicy Beetroot Cafe was literally a stone’s throw from Vinnies etc on High Street, and made for a fab little pit stop. Tucked away behind a great big curved wall, I enjoyed a mound of several beautiful salads, and my shopping partner for the day tackled an impressive slab of vegetarian lasagne (everything is vegetarian by the way). Thumbs up from both of us. There are no boring cafe standbys here; and what’s more, the prices are much more respectable than the Perth norm. If the idea of a full blown vegetarian meal doesn’t appeal, give morning tea a try. The cakes are tantalising, and large slices from the glass cabinet at the front can be had for $5 or under. I enjoyed immensely my slice of ricotta cheesecake. It was unlike any cheesecake I had eaten before – light, just sweet enough (for no sweet tooth am I), and the taste ever so intriguing. Boy oh boy, I can’t wait to try one of their smoothies…

And on that note, here’s to summer!

Kangaroo paws
River and ocean

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